Your Future is Secure With Lionheart

Whether you manage the most popular sports bar in the city or the best E-Cigarette shop around, you need protection when the unthinkable occurs. Specializing in niche industries, Lionheart Insurance Services takes on coverage that is usually difficult to place. Their wide variety of coverage will help keep you insulated from unforeseen events related to your business’s individuality.

Restaurants, sports bars, and pubs all focus on entertaining their customers, but sometimes things get out of hand. Coverage for liquor related incidents is essential to keep your business secure. Nightclubs that host DJs, live entertainment and dancing can find risk coverage as well. Even the relatively new science behind E-Cigarettes, and business specializing in vitamin and nutraceuticals require special consideration.

Property usage is also treading into new territory. With the advent of Airbnb, residential areas are being utilized in new ways. Alongside these unconventional situations, there is still a need coverage for the basics business, including condo associations and shopping centers. Lionheart looks into many sources of potential risk and provides competitive coverage for established and emerging industries.

You need to focus on keeping your business running, not on what might go wrong down the road. Let Lionheart Insurance Services help you provide the best for your customers without fear of what the future will bring.