Why You Should Add Group Vision Coverage Today

Why You Should Add Group Vision Coverage Today

December 9, 2021 Off By admin

Employers have grown unaccustomed to tight labor markets over the past decade as more and more industries turned to a combination of independent contractors and gig workers. As the COVID pandemic winds down, businesses are finding a much more competitive labor environment, and as a result, offering the benefits and wages that attract top talent has become more important than at any time in the last decade. If your business has yet to offer group vision coverage as part of its employee benefits package, now is the time to upgrade.

Balancing Cost and Coverage Options

Vision coverage tends to be inexpensive compared to many other forms of healthcare insurance, but it is an extra expense. To find the right combination of excellent coverage and low cost, you need to work with an experienced group vision provider. You also need to work with your employees, conducting surveys to determine the current need in your workforce so you know what you are shopping for.

  • Low visit copays
  • Flexible deductible costs
  • Tiered frame coverage
  • Robust coverage for options beyond glasses and contacts

Staffing up in 2021 means understanding how to set yourself apart as an employer that people want to work for. Offering a robust benefits package that covers every corner of healthcare is a good place to start, and the right group vision coverage can be an inexpensive add on with a lot of value to your workforce.