Why Medical, Dental, and Vision Benefits Improve Employee Recruitment

If your business is struggling to recruit new talent, the situation may have nothing to do with the job description you have posted. Research shows that the medical, dental, and vision benefits you offer are just as important as the position itself when it comes to finding quality applicants. Here is why.


The cost of routine medical treatments is too high for most people to afford without insurance, and suffering a medical emergency can plunge families into a lifetime of medical debt. Most Americans envision a life free from this type of worry when imagining the type of future job they want.


Even those who brush and floss religiously cannot escape the necessity of regular dental care. Without insurance, however, many people must skimp on visits to a dentist.


When purchased out-of-pocket, glasses and contacts are difficult for many to afford. With seventy-five percent of American adults needing corrective lenses, it is no wonder that vision insurance is such an attractive part of an employee benefits package.

Medical, dental, and vision care are so expensive that almost no one can afford them without insurance. Offering employees these benefits is part of paying a living wage and is key to attracting the caliber of workers you want in your company.