Why Choose WQIS for Your Marine Pollution Insurance

Marine pollution is a specific, niche industry requiring a company that specializes in helping marine vessels both on and off the water. Water Quality Insurance Syndicate uses their expertise to craft policies to handle pollution claims from a variety of marine entities. Here is a brief overview of how WQIS can meet your insurance needs.


Pollution coverage is offered for yachts, fishing boats, marine cargo, barges, ferries, tugboats and other vessels. The coverages extend to the operators and owners of the vessels, marinas, cargo and shipyards.


We work with top insurance companies to underwrite policies specific for the marine industry. Our experience helps companies navigate a claim resulting from marine pollution including expenses related to fines, cleanup and loss of revenue for third parties.


Our team of professionals are there to help your business through the entire spill process. They work with your company to mitigate the effects of the spill on others and the environment.


Our team of quality insurance professionals understand pollution insurance. With our expertise, we’ve been a leader in the insurance industry for marine pollution for close to five decades.

Use the experience of Water Quality Insurance Syndicate for your marine pollution insurance needs. We can help you cover the risks you face with 24/7 customer service availability. Our experience helps your business navigate the aftereffects of a spill.