Why Choose A Commercial Package Policy?

Whether it’s the multiple coverage options or the unfamiliar terminology, building the right insurance policy for your business can be somewhat of a challenge. One way to simplify this process is with a commercial package policy. Here’s what you should know about a CPP insurance policy and how it can benefit you.

What is a CPP?

A commercial package policy is a type of coverage that combines a wide range of property and liability insurance protections into one policy. This combined policy allows for lower premiums than would be available with individual policies.

What Does It Cover?

A CPP insurance policy will generally include commercial general liability and commercial property coverage. General liability will cover the fees associated with most lawsuits you face and commercial property will cover your building, equipment and furniture under most circumstances when they become damaged or lost. You can also choose to include other coverages such as commercial auto, inland marine, crime, builder’s risk and business interruption.

What Does It Not Cover?

For the most part, CPP policies do not cover lawsuits involving professional liability. They also don’t include workers compensation, disability or health insurance.

The cheaper premiums and ability to keep your insurance coverages under one roof are two of the main benefits of a CPP insurance policy. However, you may prefer to not have all your eggs in one basket even if it means managing multiple accounts and agencies. As with other insurance decisions, it’s best to work with an experienced agent to get the most accurate guidance.