Why Bar Tavern Insurance Is Vital For Your Establishment

Bars are bustling, vibrant places — but naturally, the mix of close quarters, alcohol, and a busy staff means that such establishments face unique hazards. To best protect your bar business, employees, and patrons, it is imperative to carry comprehensive bar & tavern insurance.

What Unique Risks Exist in Bars?

The boisterous social atmosphere of a bar sometimes lends itself to conflict, including fights that may involve physical or property damage. While less dramatic, the widespread consumption of alcohol not infrequently leads to accidents and injuries.

What Does Bar & Tavern Insurance Cover?

The specifics of your policy will be worked out with your insurance agent, but a bar & tavern insurance policy may include any of the following:

  • General liability & liquor liability
  • Assault & battery coverage
  • Workers compensation coverage

Ultimately, a thorough policy will ensure that your property is protected in the event of any incident at your establishment, and that your assets are protected in the event you are blamed for or deemed liable for any incident in the bar. Your insurer may also be able to help improve safety protocols, to avoid accidents happening in the first place.

A sound bar insurance policy ensures you can focus on the work of running your business, knowing you’re covered in the event of any accident.