When to Buy Workers Compensation for Domestic Staff

Everyone knows that accidents happen. The risk of an accident does not go down when someone is working. If you have domestic employees in your home, what happens if one of them suffers an injury?

This is where personal workers compensation comes into play.

Do you have to Obtain Insurance?

In some states, you do have to obtain insurance. This is not every state, however. While it is recommended, not every state will force you to get coverage. Some states will mandate an insurance purchase if you have employees that work 40 hours a week. In some states, however, it is necessary if you have employees that work 26 hours.

Should You Obtain Insurance?

When it comes to the responsible decision, you should obtain personal workers compensation for your domestic staff. This is especially true for those who have a staff that works full-time in the home. When you have housekeepers, au pairs, caregivers and more, you could be sued if someone were to suffer an injury at your home while working.

Insurance coverage’s are there to provide you with protection from lawsuits. While you never want to imagine that anyone would file a lawsuit against you, it can happen It is especially common if someone you hired suffers injuries while on the job. Accidents can and do happen and so it’s important to be covered.