What Is Labor Union Liability Insurance?

Trade unions provide many services and benefits to their members. They are best known for improving working conditions and compensation packages, but they also often manage pension and retirement funds, offer counseling and vocational rehabilitation and sponsor social events. The wide array of activities they engage income with several risks. For example, members may file lawsuits because they sustain injuries at a union picnic or because they believe their pension fund has been mismanaged by the union, and these suits can result in costly settlements. Luckily, labor union professional liability insurance can protect against many liabilities.

What Types of Claims Does It Protect Against?

Union liability insurance offers protection against several types of claims. Among these are:

Bodily injury

Failure to promote

Wrongful termination


Hostile work environment

Libel or slander

Sexual harassment


What Does It Provide?

The policy will pay for a number of costs. Most importantly, it will cover both the legal fees and the settlement or judgment associated with the case. It also covers other costs, like medical care and expert witness fees.

Labor unions provide invaluable assistance to their members. However, the wide range of services they offer means that they are exposed to a variety of risks. Trade union liability insurance provides the protection necessary to ensure that they are prepared for any contingency.