Trucking Liabilities During the Winter Months

Logistics doesn’t stop just because the winter wind starts howling. With the holiday season comes tons of purchases back and forth across the country. Then once the last wrapping paper is thrown away, there are the returns. Stores must send merchandise back and order the new stuff for 2019. Whatever you’re hauling in your truck, protect it with wholesale trucking auto liability insurance.

Weather Risks

November through March see the coming of snow, sleet, ice, wind and blizzards across much of the northern section of the country. Falling precipitation can limit visibility and make roads slippery. Cold temperatures can change the temperature inside the cargo hold potentially causing problems with the shipment.

Road Risks

Slippery roads in places that aren’t prepared for harsh winter weather may cause an accident. Even in well-prepared northern cities, black ice hidden on the road can cause a problem for even the best drivers. Other drivers don’t always keep a safe distance from truckers further impacting the risks of the elements. Without that extra space between you and the next vehicle, you may not have enough room to stop if needed.

Once the cargo gets into your truck’s hold, you are responsible. Make sure you have wholesale trucking auto liability insurance in case something happens to the truck or the cargo contained within.