Transportation Liability

June 13, 2017 Off By

It’s an everyday occurrence for people to hop in their car and go to a destination. Rarely do people believe they will be involved in an accident, and in the chance that one occurs, they are covered by car insurance. However, add a passenger in the vehicle, especially a person under driver’s charge and this worry becomes more prevalent. In cases where the responsible party is a home healthcare aid, additional insurance covered under home health care insurance programs may be needed.

Personal Vehicle Transporting

In the home healthcare profession, it is not uncommon for professionals to use their personal vehicles. First and foremost, the person has to get to and from site to site. However, beyond that capacity, many often transport their clients to and from medical appointments or may assist them with errands such as banking or grocery shopping.

Coverage Provided

Every vehicle insurance policy offers standard protection against uninsured persons, but the coverage does have limits. Home healthcare insurance programs can close the gaps in coverage and assist with additional expenses, such as any suits brought against the home healthcare provider. These coverages not only protect the employee, but the company as well.

In an age where anything can happen at any time, additional protection is something that a home healthcare provider should always be able to afford.