Three Insurance Coverages For All Trucking Businesses

Obtaining commercial truck insurance can be tricky for new trucking companies. Unfortunately, in an environment with so many risk factors, not having the right coverage can prove to be catastrophic. Therefore, it’s vital that you work with an experienced agent to ensure that your policy contains the right amount of coverage. In the meantime, here are three of the key insurance coverages that you should expect to include in your new policy.

Truck Liability Insurance

Truck liability insurance is one of the more important coverages you can carry as a truck driver as it protects you in case of an accident where you’re at fault. Any legal expenses or fees for which you’re found liable will be covered by this portion of your policy.

Physical Damage Truck Insurance

Physical damage insurance provides coverage for your truck against certain perils. It’s often a replacement for comprehensive coverage for those who seek a slightly cheaper alternative.

Motor Truck Cargo Insurance

Cargo insurance protects you in case the freight you’re transporting becomes damaged or lost. Having a proper understanding of the goods you’re going to be carrying is key to determining the appropriate level of coverage you should carry.

Commercial truck insurance is complex, and its importance shouldn’t be understated. Work with an experienced insurance company to ensure that your policy limits meet your needs.