The Legacy of Faith and Life Insurance

Established in 1901 by Rev. Msgr. Henry Gerlach, a Roman Catholic priest, Catholic Life Insurance is a company with a long-standing tradition of helping people. The company was originally formed to help German Catholic immigrants in Texas to overcome struggles with making a life in a new land and learning a new language.

Most families at the time had little or no access to life insurance. When someone in the community passed away, an early form of crowd-funding was used to collect the funds to pay for funeral expenses. Many families were forced to split up when the family head passed away leaving no income for the remaining family members. This community needed life insurance to protect their families and futures.

Catholic Life Insurance was created to fill this vital need. The community now had the ability to care for the needs created by untimely death. In time, the organization grew to aid not only German Catholics, but all Catholics. Later, the fraternal group expanded still more opening their doors to all faiths. Currently, the company has more than 80,000 members looking to it to assist with retirement and life insurance options. Offering both individual and group life insurance products and an array or retirement products, it provides every member access to the products they really need.