The 4 Types of People Covered By Any Association Insurance

The 4 Types of People Covered By Any Association Insurance

October 9, 2018 Off By

Whether your community makes decisions as a whole or as just a few individuals leading the lot, you can rely on wholesale association insurance to cover any bad choices or damages. If you are in any way apart of an organization, you may want to know who gets coverage.

1. Directors

If you are the main authority for any type of profit or non-profit organization who leads any of the board’s major decisions, you can be held personally responsible for legal claims or wrongful act allegations. Even if you aren’t directly responsible for the events of the claim, you may take full responsibility in a legal case.

2. Officers

Most officers are considered apart of the main board of directors and play a considerable role in deciding how to direct the entire organization to carry out plans. If wholesale association insurance isn’t covering the organization, you could pay for any damages or claims that are made.

3. Employees

Simply working for an organization can lead you into legal trouble or take time out of your business for proceedings. If you work for an organization for hire and the business is considerably risky, you may need to check that they have association insurance.

4. Volunteers

The actions you take for an association don’t necessarily have to appear risky to lead to a claim or legal matter down the road. It doesn’t matter whether you regularly partake in activities or occasionally help out, you are legally at stake.