Should You Bundle Volunteer Insurance?

The benefits of insurance bundling are often used as a selling point for comprehensive coverage, but they aren’t always the best solution, especially for nonprofit organizations. Insuring volunteers separately from paid staff or members of the public allows you to go with an insurance provider who can meet most of your needs effectively for traditional liability and property insurance while you work with the experts who can protect your volunteers most efficiently. The extra knowledge and experience provided by insurance professionals focused on volunteer workers often outweighs any potential bundling discount by way of a more tailored policy, with no gaps or overinsurance.

Insurance To Suit Your Evolving Needs

Volunteer insurance is based on a combination of the size of your volunteer labor force on an average project and the nature of the activities they are allowed to perform. For example, if your people use their own vehicles and not those owned by your organization, the coverage needed is different from having volunteers who are authorized to drive the vehicles you already cover with commercial policies. Taking those differences into account and weighing coverage provisions to suit the balance of risk you face is an ongoing challenge, too. Be sure to review your coverage and upgade it whenever your organization substantially changes the nature of its volunteer assignments to make the most of insuring volunteers separately.