Robbery Risks for Taxi Drivers

Working as a taxi driver gives you the opportunity to work closely with all kinds of people. Unfortunately, some of those people don’t have the best intentions. Taxi drivers may seem like an easy target for a criminal looking an easy mark.

Why Target Taxi Drivers?

The nature of work is one that gives potential criminals a huge advantage. The driver has to pay attention to the road, the passenger controls the destination, and the driver is alone. A passenger with malicious intent might imagine that these things make taxi drivers a good target.

How Do You Keep Drivers Safe?

Having a plan goes a long way to help minimize the risk of being a victim of a crime as a taxi driver. Taxi driver robbery prevention is something that has been covered in depth elsewhere, but a few salient points are also listed below:

  • Use GPS tracking
  • Video surveillance
  • Silent alarm
  • Regular dispatch check-ins
  • Cashless options
  • Training

Advertising the systems that are in place to protect the driver can help minimize the risk that a bad actor will attempt to victimize the driver.

Working in the taxi business is hard enough without having a target on your back. So take some common sense steps to reduce the risk to yourself or your drivers.