Protection For You and Your Boat

Staying safe is critically important to anyone who owns a boat. You will enjoy the waters off the coast of California even more when you protect yourself with Newport Beach Boat Insurance. There is boat insurance for all kinds of vessels, from fishing boats to houseboats, from speedboats to pontoons. Having your boat covered by an excellent insurance policy will protect you and your assets in case bad weather does damage to your vessel, or vandals strike. Your policy will also cover your hull and sails, any furnishings inside your boat, and its built-in equipment.

Another important element of Newport Beach Boat insurance is Marine Liability insurance. Your policy will cover the cost of damaged property or medical expenses that may result if you cause an accident. Your policy will also cover anyone else who may have been hurt in the event, including your own passengers. If you are sued as the result of an accident, your policy will pay your legal bills and will cover the cost of any settlements that may be judged against you. In addition, Mexican Watercraft Liability is an important add-on if you plan to sail south of the border – this can offer you all the same protection you would rely on in the States.