Protecting Your Maritime Business With MEL Coverage

As the owner of a maritime business, you recognize the need to have insurance coverages that are similar to that of other businesses as well as policies that are specific to the way you work. Typical protections include general liability, property and workers compensation. What protection do you have for maritime employees who are exposed to risks specific to the seafaring work environment? Your operations can benefit from having maritime employer’s liability or MEL coverage.

Understanding MEL Coverage

A MEL insurance policy is designed to cover employees’ whenever they are working on your vessel or one owned by someone else. It covers loss of life, injury and sickness to anyone that can be classified as a mariner while working aboard a vessel. Some of the types of operations that would benefit from a policy with a maritime employers liability endorsement include the following:

  • Construction and fabrication
  • Drilling operations
  • Seismic survey
  • Scientific experimentation
  • Subcontractor work

Per admiralty law, a claim involving maritime’s work can be covered under a MEL policy.

Determining the Need for MEL Coverage

Although no state or federal laws require the purchase of an MEL policy, it is strongly recommended that you have this coverage for your maritime business. The exposures that your employees face can put your company at risk in the event of a claim if you lack this type of insurance. Protect yourself and your workers with MEL insurance today.