Protect Your Financial Company Against Lawsuit Costs

Protect Your Financial Company Against Lawsuit Costs

If you’re at the head of a financial institution, you should know lawsuits quickly occur. When dealing with clients’ money, if something goes wrong, you are liable. FGIB Bankers Professional Liability Insurance provides clients with customizable options. Here is what you need to know about BPL.

What BPL Protects Against

Bankers professional liability insurance protects financial professionals against alleged claims of negligence, wrongdoing and errors and omissions. Lawsuits and judgments are costly and most financial institutions will have to deal with them at some point. BPL insurance offsets the costs so that your business can stay afloat throughout the trial or after a settlement.

Who BPL Protects

Banker is a broad term that refers to anyone in positions within the financial industry. It may include protection for directors and officers as well as any employees of the business. BPL may cover the following jobs:

Tax planners
Financial planners
Escrow agents
Estate planners

When it comes to bankers, if you work in the financial industry, then you probably qualify for bankers professional liability insurance. Anyone who handles clients’ finances and faces the unique risks involved is eligible.

As someone who works in the financial industry, you have to stay protected. FGIB Bankers Professional Liability Insurance includes customizable options that protect you against the unique risks that financial industries face.