Pollution Liability Solutions for Contractors

Commercial business insurance in Delaware typically includes an exclusion for clients who work in the construction industry. It is standard for a contractor’s general liability policy to carry an absolute pollution exclusion, which means the business itself must foot the bill for uninsured losses due to a variety of pollution events. These events can cover a range of pollution risks, including fuel spills and container leaks that contaminate soil, or chemical and toxin spills resulting from severed utilities or broken pipelines. Additional risks typically named in an exclusion are exposures to lead and asbestos, contaminated sediment runoff and more.

For some contractors, a pollution liability policy makes sense as part of their general business insurance in Delaware. A plan tailored to meet each company’s specific needs can include a variety of coverage options. For example, if you are hauling fuel, toxins or chemicals in or out of a site, you should discuss coverage for transportation of construction-related pollution incidents with your insurance agent. Additional coverage can include remediation costs for pollution of natural resources and other environmental damage, disposal-site pollution, emergency mitigation and more. The cost of doing business for some contractors may be too high when pollution remediation is needed. Pollution liability can be part of an insurance solution that offers contractors protection against many different pollution risks on construction sites.