Lowering Blood Pressure to Pass Your DOT

In order to ensure the safety of a trucking company’s drivers and others on the road with them, DOT physicals are a requirement. These health exams have specific qualifications that must be met in order for the drivers to receive extended certifications. One physical condition that must be at a good level is blood pressure, which can be a hard thing to recognize without actually getting a physical. High blood pressure can cause some major health problems, but there are limited and hard to recognize early signs that often leave it gone unnoticed. If you have some concerns for yourself or one of your truck drivers not being able to pass the DOT blood pressure requirements of 140/90 or lower, here are some tips for both short-term and long-term adjustments.

Quick Ways To Temporarily Lower Blood Pressure

If there isn’t much time before the scheduled physical, there are a few different things that can help lower blood pressure for a short period of time. Theses can be done directly beforehand in order to stay below the DOT blood pressure maximum, or otherwise, you may only be given very short-term certifications. Source: https://www.truckinsure.com/.

Reduce stress and relax, using deep breathing and meditating
Drink plenty of water and avoid sugar and caffeine
Stop drinking and smoking prior to the exam
Sleep more
Eat better foods, such as fruits and vegetables

Ways To Lower Your Blood Pressure Permanently

While you may be concerned with the DOT blood pressure, the long-term effects of high blood pressure can lead to severe health problems. Not only is it a risk to your driving, but your entire livelihood. If you are concerned that your blood pressure is too high or have gotten high readings from a physical, be sure to do the following things

Stop smoking
Drink less alcohol
Exercise regularly and carefully
Eat healthy foods and moderate bad food
Reduce your weight in healthy