Liability Coverage for Schools

Professional liability insurance is a vital part of doing business in most industries today, and education is no exception. While many schools operate as nonprofits and government entities, they still need coverage that mirrors professional liability coverage at for-profit schools and in other sectors with similar risk profiles. Today’s educators face more possible avenues of risk, too. Courts not only provide damages for failure to educate in some cases, but also for civil rights complaints and even decisions made during emergency lockdown events.

Who Should Cover Educators?

In most cases, teacher liability insurance is the responsibility of the school. Even if they are contracted as adjunct faculty and not organizational employees, teachers act on behalf of the school and to further its goals. That makes the school liable for the professional conduct of those teachers in many instances. It can also expose the teacher to personal liability, which may or may not fall under the same policy as the one you need for the entire teaching staff. Purchasing robust insurance that takes care of your teachers should be considered essential, though.

Defense Assistance

Just because a teacher has been accused of professional misconduct or misjudgment, that doesn’t mean it happened as the plaintiff’s narrative presents things. While settlement negotiation is vital when you face real exposure, defending your school against frivolous litigation is just as essential. That’s why the best policies include provisions for legal defense funds, in addition to covering damages up to the policy limits if an award is granted by the court.