Liability Coverage for Nonprofits

Most general liability coverage is pretty well-rounded, protecting your employees, contractors who are on site, and most types of visitors. Unfortunately, they are not built to cover literally everything. That’s why businesses and other organizations that are open to the public generally carry supplemental public liability coverage. Similarly, nonprofit general liability coverage’s usually need to be supplemented with a specific policy or rider that includes volunteer laborers.

Traditional, wide-use general liability is built with a for-profit business in mind, and as such, it often excludes volunteer laborers. The two options you have are to work with an insurer who builds umbrella liability protection for nonprofits that do or to take out an additional policy that provides specific protection against liability for accidents and injuries incurred by volunteers working on behalf of your organization on-site or off.

Get Coverage Built for Nonprofit Organizations

Which approach suits your business? It’s easy enough to get a quote for volunteer liability insurance on its own if you’re not ready to review your insurance needs from the ground up, but often you will realize more savings for the same coverage if you work with a company that creates liability policies with the provisions you need from the beginning. It simplifies your insurance review, makes paying out premiums easier on your financial department, and puts you in touch with professionals who really understand your mission and the risks that come with it.