Know the Risks When Transporting Cannabis Products

While cannabis products are legal in many states recreationally and most medicinally, there are unique risks to shipping and distributing products even when you’re careful to only sell in areas with legal marketplaces. Not only has the federal government put restrictions in place that prohibit interstate transportation, but there are also local laws and regulations to work with. On top of that, as a cash crop with a robust marketplace, cannabis products are prime targets of opportunity for thieves, especially those who prey on commercial shipping.

Finding Coverage To Support Your Business

Cannabis businesses need to work with insurers who understand the risks for transporting cannabis products and who provide coverage for foreseeable mishaps like the federal seizure of legally licensed goods headed to a regulated marketplace. There will be limits to what is covered and what is excluded, because the insurer does have to remain within the bounds of federal and state laws themselves, but you can avoid loss due to incompetent misapplication of the laws or malicious and selective pursuit of their application when you have the right insurance coverage. Most of the time, if you’re operating within the bounds of your business license, that’s enough to keep you protected. It really does make a difference when you work with cannabis industry professionals.