Key Cleaning Procedures for Libraries

Key Cleaning Procedures for Libraries

May 6, 2022 Off By admin

 Cleaning is an important part of library management. Library cleaning procedures need to address issues that are unique to these facilities’ operations management activities.

Circulation Desk

High traffic areas need extra attention and may need cleaning more than once daily. At a circulation desk, disinfecting frequently touched items and counter space can mitigate the transmission of germs.

Pest Control

Libraries can be a welcoming environment for many different types of pests. Extermination procedures need to include preventative treatment for Silverfish, an organism that rapidly multiplies in books. Bedbug infestations can also plague libraries, and they are often difficult to treat. Frequent vacuuming and regular extermination visits can remedy pernicious pests.

Returned Items

Library staff should wipe down the surface of books’ plastic covers with a sanitizing agent that contains alcohol. This type of cleaner dries rapidly and is not likely to cause harm to paper materials. However, staff must be careful to avoid using too much cleaning solution and must also let books dry thoroughly before reshelving them if they become damp at all.

Safety Considerations

All cleaning procedures must reflect an eye towards safety. Anytime that a surface is wet while a library is open, staff must use appropriate signage to alert patrons.

Thorough cleaning makes libraries safe and comfortable. For maximum results, an entire staff should be accountable for cleanliness.