Is Severe Weather Threatening Your Home?

If you have watched weather or news reports in recent years, you may think severe weather is on the rise. Every season, storms seem to be more extreme. Even worse, damage to homes seems to be costlier to repair than ever before. If you are concerned about how severe weather may affect your home, talk with a Duncan insurance agent to be sure your home has sufficient protection.

Plan for Storms

Your house does not have to be a sitting duck. Instead, you can likely prepare for challenging weather conditions by working on your home. Consider completing the following projects:

  • Repair damaged roofing
  • Install storm windows or insulate existing ones
  • Check electrical supply
  • Locate the water shut-off valve
  • Buy a fire extinguisher

Purchase Better Insurance

There is no such thing as a bad homeowner’s policy. Still, yours may be grossly inadequate for severe weather situations. Unless you know the insurance industry inside out, you may not be able to purchase better insurance without some help. The insurance specialists at Duncan can analyze your insurance needs and recommend policy changes.

Because your home is probably your largest investment, you can’t leave its value or condition to chance. With the right Duncan insurance policy, you can likely safeguard your home during extreme weather.