Insurance Needs For Staffing Firms

The insurance needs of staffing firms differ from other firms. Not only is protection needed for the firm’s own employees and assets, but the contracting individuals need to be covered as well. Below is a brief overview of some of the options that should be considered for staffing firms.

Liability Insurance

Liability insurance, which comes in various forms, covers your firm in case a third party experiences some sort of loss because of your business activities. The policy will cover any legal or medical expenses associated with such an incident.

Property Insurance

Property insurance pays to replace or repair your property in case they are damaged or lost in a fire, storm or other covered incident. Your office space, furniture, computers and data can all be covered depending on your policy.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Protect your firm, employees and contractors with workers’ compensation insurance. If an injury is sustained while on the job, the policy will cover any medical or legal fees that come about. Some policies can even cover payments towards lost wages.

Health Insurance

You can also choose to offer health insurance coverage to your employees and contractors. Depending on your staffing insurance agent, you may be able to include health insurance as part of your firm’s overall insurance package.

Having the right insurance protections can have a major impact on your firm’s long-term success. Work with an experienced agent to customize your package to fit your exact needs.