Insurance for Water Treatment Businesses

Insurance for Water Treatment Businesses

October 5, 2018 Off By

Water treatment businesses are responsible for managing what is arguably the world’s most precious resource. When clean water is delivered, and contaminated water is taken away, it is important to remember not to take the importance of this type of service for granted. With such a high level of responsibility, come the potential for risks if those responsibilities are not met. In order to avoid exposing employees and customers to harmful water-related illnesses such as Legionella, insurance plans with specialized coverage should be considered a necessary safeguard.

Types of Businesses Needing Coverage for Water Treatment Exposures

Being backed by an insurance agency that specializes in covering the risks associated with water treatment can give these types of businesses peace of mind knowing that they will be protected. Some businesses that may fall under this category include:

  • Scientists and consultants
  • Laboratories
  • Cooling systems and boilers services
  • Service workers
  • Distributors
  • Salesmen and distributers
  • Commercial and industrial water treatment facilities

Common Risks for Water Treatment Businesses

Getting coverage specified for those in the water treatment business versus a general insurance plan, has many added benefits. This type of plan can cover industry-specific exposures such as:

Liability for pollution and hazardous materials

Operations and products liability for exposure to mold and bacteria
Machinery and boiler failure
Recalled products

With the protections under water treatment business insurance, it is clear why these specialized agencies are sought after. Whether the issue is one requiring a simple fix, or one leading to lengthy litigation, such as exposure to legionella, insurance can help an entire operation run more smoothly.