How to Start a Landscaping Business

Starting your own landscaping business can be a rewarding venture. It has a low-cost point of entry, and the profit margins are good too. Here is a cheat sheet to help you get your business off the ground.

Create a Service List

The first step towards launching a landscaping company is deciding which services to offer. The idea is to start with things you are familiar with, such as mowing lawns. Throw in weeding, core iration or insect control to bulk up the menu. Then use this list to determine the equipment you will need. Other services in this line of work include:

  • Landscape maintenance
  • Sod Installation and hydroseeding
  • Interiorscaping
  • Design work

Get Pricing Right

The secret to getting any business past the startup stage is pricing competitively. Start with an introductory rate that sits below the standard market value. It might not be the most profitable way to run a company, but it attracts a lot of attention. When the time is right, bump up the price to the industry’s standard and also have a premium tier to spice things up — source

A lawn care business can start as a one-person show and grow into a big, profitable business. All you need is professionalism and a ton of determination.