How to Protect Your Septic Tank Company

All businesses require some form of business insurance. Those in the septic industry, require custom options. To protect the time and effort that you put into building your operation, your company needs to have comprehensive septic tank liability insurance.

Companies That Need Septic Tank Insurance

Companies that specialize in septic system installation require specialized insurance options. The types of companies that may benefit from insurance coverage include:

  •         Grease trap removal companies
  •         Septic tank installation companies
  •         Portable toilet companies
  •         Septic maintenance companies
  •         Wastewater testing firms

Businesses in this industry may require insurance coverages that include clauses about pollution, bacteria and lead.

Coverage Options for Septic Tank Companies

Some of the coverages for septic tank specialists include common policies, such as general and professional liability, workers’ compensation, commercial auto and cyber liability.

Besides, your company may require:

  •         Product recall including bacteria, mold and lead
  •         Pollution liability
  •         Excess coverage
  •         Completed operations liability

You can discuss your specific risk exposures with an insurance company to find out which policies would adequately cover your operations. When dealing with septic tanks, you have a unique risk profile that requires custom and tailored options.

Protecting your business and your assets should take top priority. To continue providing your services to the public, you require the broadest insurance options available. Every company should have customized and comprehensive insurance.