How Many Hours Can Truckers Drive?

On the road, truckers have to be alert at all times. Tiredness or slow reaction time can result in devasting accidents. The United States of Transportation understands the danger that an overworked, tired trucker can pose on the road and has rules and regulations for truckers to follow regarding their daily hours.

Understanding Duty Periods

A trucker’s duty period lasts 14 hours and within those 14 hours, truckers can drive up to 11 hours. However, once the trucker hits the eight-hour mark, he or she has to take a break for at least 30 minutes. These breaks always count against the total 14 hour period. Once the 14-hour period ends, the driver has to take a 10-hour break.

Understanding Penalties

Those who do not comply with the rules could have their driving privileges revoked, could face fines or have his or her safety rating reduced. Now, if a carrier forces a trucker or coerces him or her to break the rules, they will face even larger penalties.

It is not only critical for truckers to follow regulations to avoid penalties but because of the danger that big rigs pose when on the road. An accident with a passenger vehicle may result in serious injuries or fatalities. This is why truckers can only work for a specified number of hours.