How Companies Can Gauge and Help Improve Their Workers’ Overall Well-Being

How Companies Can Gauge and Help Improve Their Workers’ Overall Well-Being

January 14, 2022 Off By admin

Does your company regularly review employee wellbeing and look for ways to improve? Having content employees can make a major difference for your company’s cohesiveness, culture, productivity and more. If you’re not sure what you need to do to ensure happy and healthy employees, here are some tips to gauge and help improve overall worker well-being.

Utilize Human Resources Data To Gauge Current Well-Being Levels

One way to gauge current levels of well-being is to mine your human resources department’s data and conduct a thorough analysis. Some potentially helpful sources of quantitative and qualitative data could include:

  • Satisfaction surveys
  • Work output quality and frequency
  • Insights from lower-level managers
  • Feedback from employees given during trainings and meetings

Institute Supportive Mechanisms and Watch Out for Burnout Signs

You can help improve your employees’ wellness levels by putting supportive mechanisms up throughout your company, including offering training programs, paid time off and a supportive company culture. Additionally, watch out for signs of burnout in your employees, including:

  • Repeat mistakes in submitted work
  • Constant irritability
  • Poor levels of politeness and in-office civility
  • Failure to show up on time or show up at all

Tracking, gauging and working to support employee wellbeing is essential for any company. If your company has had a hard time finding ways to boost worker wellness, make sure to utilize your human resources data to the fullest, institute supportive mechanisms throughout your business and keep an eye out for signs of employee burnout.