Getting Life Insurance with a Criminal Record

A criminal record can make life tough and a felony conviction can impact your life in ways you might not realize. Although insurance underwriters will look at your record, a felony doesn’t necessarily exclude you from buying life insurance. Working with a local Collingswood life insurance agency gives you the opportunity to discuss the nuances and details of your record with a real, live person.

Obtaining a life insurance policy with a felony criminal record depends on a number of factors. Your overall health, how long it’s been since your charges, the nature of your sentence and crimes as well as any rehabilitative efforts you’ve undertaken can influence your ability to get life insurance, as well as your rates.

Finding life insurance policies for a person with a felony criminal record takes a little extra legwork, but it can be done. Exclusions to your policy, alternative policies, and other options may be required, depending on your life and how much time has passed since your conviction.

The only way to know whether you can get life insurance with your specific criminal record is to speak with a life insurance agent. In the Philadelphia suburbs, Collingswood life insurance agents provide local, easy access to a wealth of information and expertise that can help you find an option that works for you.