Get The Right Coverage For Your Business

Get The Right Coverage For Your Business

March 27, 2018 Off By

Whether it’s general liability or the transit cargo insurance market, there are several coverage options that you should take into account when evaluating your business.

Below are some of the more popular insurance types that may be beneficial to your business.

Workers Compensation

Quite possibly the most popular, workers compensation is highly relevant to both employees and employers. This type of insurance is needed in order to be able to protect your business against lawsuits, medical costs, and other costs resulting from employee injuries.

Commercial Property

Do you need to protect your property? Whether it’s physical structures or data on a computer, all of it can be protected under your commercial property insurance.

Liability Coverage

Business liability insurance is the most basic coverage type and is made up of two parts – bodily injury and property damage. In the most simplistic terms, if your business property is damaged or if a non-employee is hurt or killed by your product or service, your business will have coverage for any medical bills or legal fees.

Inland Marine Insurance

If you’re going to be shipping goods from one location to another, then inland marine insurance, also known as transit cargo insurance, is a must. If any of your goods get damaged during transit, then you’re protected against that loss.

The transit cargo insurance market, as well as other forms of business insurance have their own set of requirements to abide by. Be sure to speak with a professional before agreeing to a policy.