Get the Life Insurance You Need

Life insurance is an important investment to protect the future of your loved ones. It is never too early to make the decision to purchase coverage. As you select the type of policy that will meet your needs, consider your age, budget, family situation, health status and outstanding debts. Another crucial decision to make is who to name as your beneficiary. The individual or individuals you name as your beneficiary will receive the death benefits you have purchased. Anyone who would be financially impacted by your death can be named as a beneficiary. Beneficiaries can use the death benefit to replace household income, pay off outstanding debts, pay for future education or make funeral arrangements. It is important to inform beneficiaries that you have named them on your life insurance policy. If your beneficiaries are children, you can set up a trust or name a responsible adult to receive the funds.

The National Catholic Society of Foresters life insurance portfolio includes various financial products including both term and whole life insurance for a wide range of face value amounts. Once you have determine which type of life insurance you need and who your beneficiary will be, get a competitive quote from NCSF to ensure the financial future of your loved ones.