Foundational Facts About the Cost of Workers Compensation in California

As a California business owner, you likely already know about the importance of workers compensation, but you may have questions about CA workers comp costs. While you may be required to get workers compensation insurance, there are a few factors that can help you save money while still getting the coverage your company needs.

Focus on Reducing Injuries

In order to get low rates, the best approach your company can take is to concentrate on reducing the number of workplace injuries that occur. The fewer injuries that happen on site, the lower your costs will likely be. You can improve your numbers by:

  • Providing employees and managers with safety training
  • Keeping thorough injury logs to pinpoint weaknesses
  • Keep adequate safety materials on hand

Keep in mind that avoiding redundant log entries can also save you valuable time and give you a more accurate cost.

Aim for Zero Claims

For the lowest possible premiums, you’ll want to get as close to zero claims per month as possible. With managers trained in handling employee relationships and employees coached to adjust risky behavior, you may be able to create both a safer workplace while lowering workers comp costs for the company.

Getting the right workers compensation insurance is critical to protecting your company in the event of a workplace injury or related incident, but sometimes, CA workers comp costs can become expensive. With these foundational facts, your company can find the right coverage that fits your needs and your budget.