Fire Safety on Construction Sites

Fire Safety on Construction Sites

March 9, 2022 Off By admin

Construction project managers need to prioritize safety from start to finish during each phase of work. Here are some examples of construction fire risks that project managers need to recognize and proactively prevent.


The use of large capacity generators can create a considerable risk of fire. They often run on propane or other flammable gasses, so it is important to follow fueling procedures with great care. Any storage of propane on a site must be in a secure area that is a safe distance from machinery.

Flammable Materials

Apart from fuels, there are many other potentially hazardous chemicals that contractors must work with during a build or a capital needs improvement. Thorough safety training, smart storage, and good signage may help to prevent flammable chemicals from catching on fire.

Monitoring Challenges

A building that is still under construction does not yet have a traditional fire protection system with alarms and sprinklers, so workers may be unaware of a fire until it has grown very large. In buildings that are near completion or undergoing capital needs work, certain phases of work may necessitate turning off alarms. In these instances, a project manager should arrange for a fire watch.  

A jobsite’s safety policies must be comprehensive. Fire protection plans need to reflect a strong attention to detail and fully address a project’s specific risks.