Factors That Affect Intermediate Trucking Costs

When it comes to truck insurance, there are quite a few different options. In the past, many insurance agents offered standard insurance to all truckers. Insurance companies classified long haul operations the same as they did an intermediate operation. Intermediate trucking involves shorter, local radiuses. When you enter the intermediate trucking coverage market, here is what affects your insurance cost.

Types of Coverages

Some coverages are required legally. In these cases, you have to invest in certain coverages. However, sometimes you may need additional insurances for your situation. Keep in mind that any additional services may up your rate.

Personal Details

Your personal details will determine your ability to get truck insurance. Insurance companies want to know how good of a driver you are and will appreciate you more if you are not a risk to their bottom line. Companies may look at experience, age, marital status, driving record and your credit history.

Agreed on Limits

If you suffer an accident, your insurance will pay up to a certain amount of damages. If you feel like you need to increase your limits, then you also have to expect that your rates will increase.

If you’re entering the intermediate trucking coverage market, there are factors you need to consider when it comes to purchasing insurance. You need to know what will raise your rates.