Do Independent Contractors Need Pollution Liability Coverage?

You may think pollution liability is a thing for large construction firms to worry about. However, if you are on the job and a claim is filed due to damage caused by pollution, you could be liable. Pollution liability insurance can help you stay in business as an independent contractor.

Who Benefits From Coverage

Those companies who handle hazardous waste likely know they need to have pollution insurance coverage. Owners of industrial sites and firms handling environmentally hazardous materials should consider having this coverage. When buying a property, you may not know what’s under it. If something environmentally hazardous is found, you could be liable even if you had no idea it was there.

Why Your Company Needs Coverage

Unfortunately since the mid-1980s, commercial general liability policies no longer cover pollution liability. The new insurance policy is required for certain job sites whether you are an independent contractor or a large construction firm. Check with the job site to see what insurance requirements your business needs to have. The insurance protects your financial interests in the event of a pollution related lawsuit.

Protect your business with pollution liability insurance. Don’t expect the larger company’s insurance portfolio to cover you in the event they are sued. Talk with your insurance advisor to see all the business insurances you need to cover your specific risks.