Different Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies are in a bit of a unique situation. After all, they are technically the employers of the staff, but these specific employees are working at completely different businesses. However, the responsibility of insurance lands on the shoulders of the staffing agency, not the business hiring the temporary staff. Due to the differences from one agency to the next, various specific situations that you may face and more, it’s important to look for staffing insurance solutions that can work with your staffing agency to put together the ideal insurance portfolio that covers all potential risks and liabilities.

Why Is Staffing Insurance Special?

While, on the surface, staffing agencies may seem to only need the same insurance as any other business, much more focus should be put on the employees than one may otherwise do. While there’s no way to fully control anybody who may work for you, it’s certainly easier to keep an eye on them and make sure they’re working properly if they’re present in your workplace or directly affecting it. This is not the case with staffing agencies.

Staffing insurance solutions allow for specific program coverage which keeps in mind the slight distance between you and the temporary staff. You want to ensure that you’ll be able to cover the costs of any problems your employees may cause to other businesses. That way, you’ll attract more clients and bring them back again.