Demystifying Business Insurance for New Owners

Demystifying Business Insurance for New Owners

October 13, 2018 Off By

Unfortunately, the process of finding business insurance isn’t as straightforward as it is for other insurance types. To help you gain a better understanding of coverage options and make the best choice for your business, here is a simple breakdown of the most basic coverages that you’ll encounter in your search. Work with an insurance agent in Glen Rock to get a better understanding of local laws that you’ll need to abide by.

Liability Insurance

The two most popular forms of liability insurance you’ll encounter are general liability insurance and professional liability insurance. General liability covers you in case your business causes harm to a person or their property. Professional liability, intended more for those who provide professional services, covers you in case of a customer feels an error or omission on your part caused them to experience a loss.

Commercial Property

Commercial Property is recommended even if you don’t think you have any valuable property. It will cover any of your property that is lost or damaged due to fire, storms, theft or vandalism including your computer or any business data.

Commercial Auto

Commercial property insurance does not cover cars and your personal car insurance most likely doesn’t cover business activities. You’ll need a separate commercial coverage if you’ll be driving around for business purposes.

Use these definitions of basic business insurance coverages as a starting point for your search. Your local insurance agent in Glen Rock can customize your policy to meet your exact needs.