Considerations About Truckers’ Time on the Road

Considerations About Truckers’ Time on the Road

February 18, 2022 Off By admin

Driving a semi truck requires advanced skills and experience. Drivers must be adept at maneuvering a large vehicle in situations that are sometimes precarious, and they must be able to exercise safe driving practices while many other drivers on the road are driving unsafely. In order to use good situational awareness and react to hazards on the road quickly, truckers need to be alert and focused. Understandably, trucker drive time is an extremely significant safety concern that both trucking companies and individual drivers need to be highly conscientious about.

Distracted Driving

When a driver has been behind the wheel for an exceptionally long period of time, here she may be more vulnerable to distraction. A momentary lapse in attention could cause a serious or potentially fatal accident.

Driver Health

Truck drivers and their employers have a strong interest in being able to reach destinations as quickly as possible. Rushing to complete a delivery route may result in forfeiting rest. Going without the recommended amount of sleep can have both acute and long-term health consequences for truck drivers.

Ultimately, companies in the trucking industry need to establish internal policies about how long drivers can stay on the road within a fixed amount of time. They must also implement practical measures to enforce policies.