Choosing the Right Hospice Insurance Provider

Choosing the Right Hospice Insurance Provider

November 5, 2018 Off By

As with any medical field, to have insurance to protect hospice organizations is imperative. Finding the right provider, however, can be a challenge. Here’s how to find a provider with the best hospice business liability program.

Comprehensive Programs

Make sure that the provider offers comprehensive programs. These programs should address all of the challenges associated with hospice organizations. Here are some of the programs you should have access to:


  • Professional liability
  • Errors or omissions
  • General liability
  • Employee related suits
  • Automobile liability
  • Billing abuse claims
  • Data breach

Tailored Coverage

Coverage has to be tailored to the individual hospice. Not every establishment is the same and hence the insurance shouldn’t be the same for each. Hospice care needs insurance tailored to hospices, not towards other businesses.

Hospice Knowledge

Experience and knowledge are two of the top traits you should look for when choosing an insurance provider. Hospice care comes with unique and special challenges. A provider should be able to go over the insurance coverages and companies that will serve a specific hospice the best.

Hospice organizations need protection just like any other business. The difference is that every industry has its own specific needs that may not be covered under standard business liability. This is why a hospice business liability program is so important.