Building Your Marine Repairer’s Insurance Policy

Building Your Marine Repairer’s Insurance Policy

February 7, 2022 Off By admin

When you work on vessels either in a shipyard or at sea, there are a lot of possible jobs. The same professionals don’t generally rebuild engines, do all the electrical work, and take care of the hull on larger commercial ships or yachts, after all. That is why you need the ship repairers insurance policy that reflects your actual role in the industry. Something that reflects your real liabilities and risks.

Protections To Suit You

Contracted marine repairers operating out of facilities like shipyards are not employees and need to take care of their own professional risk management, including liability coverage and appropriate kinds of risk insurance. This typically applies to any of the following kinds of work done as an independent contractor:

  • Electronics installation and light electrical work
  • HVAC and other environmental systems
  • Painting
  • Hull repair, cleaning, or detailing
  • Canvas and sail repair
  • Plumbing on boat facilities
  • Engine and fuel line repair
  • Light carpentry work
  • Upholstery and finishing

Liability for workmanship issues, coverage for your tools and supplies, and liability for damage due to accidents during the work process are all essential pieces of contractor coverage, and they are easily customized to your role when you find the right program. Check out the offerings from providers of other commercial marine policies for a marine repairers insurance program that suits you, and remember to look for experience, because the more practice the agents have, the more specific your quote will be.