Boat Insurance for Just About Any Vessel

Boat Insurance for Just About Any Vessel

December 4, 2019 Off By admin

If you’re a boat owner, having the right insurance is the key to being able to enjoy your asset with the peace of mind that lets you truly relax while you are on the water. Understanding how your insurance needs are shaped by the craft you own can be difficult though, which is why Mariners Insurance programs are built for different classes of boat. From commercial to private, insurance coverage depends a lot on what the vessel is used for, how big a boat it is, and where it goes.

Rowing boat insurance for freshwater craft on still lake waters inland will necessarily be less expensive and less robust in its provisions than insurance for yachts on the open ocean, as an example. It’s not how big the policy is that’s important, it’s whether it’s the right coverage for that vessel.

Coverage That Grows With Your Investments

Most people who start with a small boat either wind up owning additional options or trading up to them and rowboats are cost-effective for those looking to keep a couple craft on hand. If you’re planning to buy another boat soon, it’s a good idea to get in touch with your insurance provider so you’ve got coverage on day one. Getting a quote in advance helps you budget for that purchase date, and it also helps you better understand how your coverage needs will change as your interest in boating grows.