Benefits of Using a Broker to Find Insurance

Finding the right insurance policy can be a bit daunting. Not only are there several providers to choose from, but there are also hundreds of different policies. This is why both individuals and businesses may choose to use a broker, and why you might want to as well.

What Does a Broker Do?

Insurance brokers are professionals who have a great deal of experience in the industry. It is their job to find the best possible coverage for their clients. Contrary to popular belief, they do not represent a company. Rather, they go out and get information from multiple companies until they find the one that best meets their client’s needs. More information can be found at

Brokerage License

It might be a comfort to know that brokers are usually required to have a license. All states have their own regulations, which can vary. The process for getting licensed remains very similar though. You must take courses and successfully pass an examination.


Although brokers don’t administer claims, they usually possess a wealth of information about them. This can be especially useful to those who are new to homeownership policies, for example. Finding a company that has a simple and straight forward process for filing a claim could be a significant benefit to the client.

You can always try to find your own policy, but there are distinct advantages to using a broker.