Auto Insurance for Staffing Companies

Staffing companies dealing with transportation jobs will have unique insurance needs. For instance, with hired non-owned auto insurance, you are covering the things that your employees will be liable for when driving the vehicles of another company. This can help save everyone from costly lawsuits and damage claims because it can streamline the whole process. Many insurance companies will help you identify and insure these risks as well as offer incentives and advice on how to minimize them.

Vehicle related accidents are the leading cause of insurance claims both in business and in the private sector. Claims involving large transport vehicles are some of the most costly in terms of injuries and damage to property. Having to pay for these damages can often bankrupt the driver, the transport company and even the staffing agency who employs the driver. This is why having the right insurance coverage for drivers can be the smartest investment you make in your company.

Hired non-owned auto liability coverage can help you save your bottom line while still staffing transportation companies with the best drivers on your payroll. This plan can be combined with others to provide you the most comprehensive coverage available to staffing agencies when you work with an insurance company to design the best fitting package.