7 Tips To Avoid Nursing Home Lawsuits

7 Tips To Avoid Nursing Home Lawsuits

February 24, 2022 Off By admin

Nursing is a notoriously stressful career given the daily high-stakes pressures of patient care. What happens when human error results in mistakes? It’s essential for nursing professionals to consider valuable tips about preventing lawsuits in nursing homes to protect themselves.

1. Document All Care

Record all care procedures in a timely manner on the patient’s chart. Providing concrete evidence can be helpful in the event of a lawsuit.

2. Delegate To Ensure Safety

Tasks should only be assigned to nurses who are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge. All equipment and tools should be regularly inspected before procedures to ensure safety.

3. Avoid Medication Errors

Confirm medication administration instructions for each patient to prevent errors. The time, dose and drug are the most important details to get right.

4. Develop Positive Relationships

Maintaining a positive relationship with patients can be helpful in the event of a lawsuit. Nurses should keep things professional and friendly when interacting with patients.

5. Create a Safe Environment

Patient falls are common in nursing homes. They can be prevented by developing fall-prevention protocols.

6. Follow Policies and Procedures 

Become familiar with facility-specific policies and procedures. Following all policies offers protection in the case of possible malpractice claims.

7. Understand Written Documentation

Any documentation should be thoroughly reviewed and understood before signing. This prevents wrongful assumption of responsibility.

Lawsuits in nursing homes can be avoided by taking care and effort to avoid unnecessary mistakes that endanger patients. Notify management in the event of an incident for advice on how to respond.