4 Types of Employee Benefits To Consider

Attracting and retaining the best employees is not always an easy process. However, offering a comprehensive benefits package can help. Here are four items to consider adding to your employee benefit plans to help with recruitment efforts.

1. Paid Time Off

A generous PTO can play a significant role in job selection. For those looking for extra flexibility and balance, a job that allows employees to take extra unpaid time off without complications can be attractive, too.

2. Office Perks

Even if you are unable to provide other, more expensive benefits, there is a good chance you still have options. Employee discounts for the products or services you offer in-house are a popular option, but perks can also include partnerships with other businesses.

3. Insurance Packages

Some insurance coverages are mandated by law, so you should always check what is required where your business operates. That isn’t the only reason to offer insurance, however. The reality is that many job seekers won’t even consider a position that doesn’t provide basic health insurance coverage. Vision, dental and disability programs are nice add-ons that many employees will appreciate.

4. Retirement Plans

Offering a retirement program doesn’t have to drain your long-term financial resources. Arrangements with financial counselors and access to tax-deferred programs are nice benefits that have a significantly lower price tag than a pension or employer match.

You can provide a comprehensive benefits package to employees. Include insurance and retirement plans, PTO policies, and perks for a good blend.