3 Ways To Protect a Business Against Flooding

Few entrepreneurs realize the top natural threat to their American Dream is flooding, not tornadoes or fire. Businesses in coastal states must make flood protection a top priority, and finding the right insurance is only the first move. Protect a business from potential devastation with these steps.

1. Fortify Your Building

Maintaining and upgrading a building’s features can minimize flood risks. Install a one-way drain plug to stop sewage from backing up indoors. Insulate pipes to reduce the chance of winter ruptures. Well-maintained plumbing rarely causes flooding, so keep pipes clear of tree roots and sump pumps in good form.

2. Buy Water-Resistant Products

Invest in PVC flood boards instead of wooden ones and water-resistant portable dams instead of sandbags. These items will repel water to protect against flooding and secondary damage like mold growth.

3. Train Employees

Practice flood evacuations, and regularly back up files to a cloud service or an off-site building. Assign a couple of workers as flood wardens. Teach them to properly close shop in case of a flood, and make sure at least one flood warden is scheduled per shift.

Though some floods are unavoidable, businesses can reduce damage and loss by planning. Defending a business against water is not a hopeless endeavor. With the right insurance and these steps, entrepreneurs can prevent their dreams from being waylaid for long if flooding occurs.