3 Insurance Policies Every Yacht Club Needs

3 Insurance Policies Every Yacht Club Needs

December 29, 2020 Off By admin

Many boat owners turn to yacht clubs to congregate with fellow mariners and get the most out of the luxurious yacht-owner’s lifestyle. As a result, yacht clubs are bustling with opportunities for both adventure and disaster. Fortunately, comprehensive insurance policies can prevent a number of these disasters and protect the club, its employees, and its customers from their ramifications.

1. Liability Policies

Liability protections are critical in any marine environment, as slippery surfaces inevitably lead to the occasional slip-and-fall accident. Liability policies also cover the club and its employees in the event of boating accidents or other mishaps that lead to serious injury.

2. Employee Coverages

In addition to liability coverages, your club needs protection from any injuries your employees inflict or incur. Workers’ compensation is the most basic and critical of these, as employees, like guests, spend a lot of time in slick environments and working around heavy vessel machinery.

3. Property Protection

The success and long-term survival of your yacht club requires insurance policies that cover its property as well as its people. Property damages, whether they are a result of a guest or employee, can mean the end of clubs without adequate protective policies. Every business requires adequate insurance coverages to ensure legal and monetary peace, and yacht clubs are no exception. Yacht club insurance policies are comprehensive and customizable, offering options for every club, regardless of size and purpose.